Talkhealth Medical Goes Live!

talkhealth medical goes live!

We are pleased to announce that our talkhealthmedical website is now live! Our brand-new site has been created to help healthcare and medical professionals learn more about our community and gain a clear understanding of the services we provide that can actively support their patients. showcases the main ways we support patients, and includes information about our dedicated support programmes, online clinics, ask the experts, and our talkhealth community, where our members share their stories and support each other on our educational platform. 

We continue to collaborate and work closely with the NHS and medical professionals to develop a range of programmes and services that are accessible to patients and are absolutely free of charge. Our network of healthcare professionals from a range of backgrounds across multiple channels is expanding, who all share our values and want to provide the best advice for patients with chronic conditions. 

Click through to now to see the invaluable support and advice we are offering to healthcare professionals and their patients.

What’s next with HCPs?

We’re excited to announce that we have a big campaign launching in September targeted at both primary and secondary care.  We will be promoting our support programmes across GP surgeries, where they will be displayed on practice screens, with posters and leaflets displayed in the waiting areas and a brochure pack that sits directly on GPs desks. 

If you would like more information about how we work directly with the medical profession and how we can also help you get closer to this community feel free to contact us at


Engaging and growing a patient community through communications

Support Programmes within GP Surgeries

Arthritis & Pain Management Online Clinic

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