Arthritis & Pain Management Online Clinic

Arthritis & Pain Management Online Clinic

In addition to our forums and dedicated support programmes, we host a monthly online clinic where our members can log in and post questions about health concerns relating to a specific topic. 

This month we teamed up with Pharma Medico Limited (manufacturers of LithoLexal) Össur, Arthritis Action, the Institute of Osteopathy and National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society to present an Online Clinic on Arthritis & Pain Management.

These clinics are the perfect opportunity for our members to connect with medical experts, as some of them may be housebound or unable to make it to their GP, so we supply them with a free platform where they can get the answers they need.  

Pain management has a huge effect on our community, so offering support to them is essential and very popular with our audience.  All clinics are open for sponsorship opportunities. 

Find out more about our online clinics with talkhealth here.


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