Get Ahead Of Hair Loss 2018

Get Ahead of Hair Loss 2018

This month we teamed up with Get Ahead of Hair Loss, a first-of-its-kind charity event dedicated to raise awareness and support those living with hair loss.

The event was a great platform for leading dermatologists and trichologists in the field, including founder of Get Ahead of Hair Loss, Dr Sharon Wong, and a wide range of well known names in the dermatology, trichology, and hair loss field.

Get Ahead of Hair Loss

Support Programme

Prior to the event, we conducted a survey that interviewed over 600 members of our community in partnership with Get Ahead of Hair Loss, revealing that 79% of people with hair loss haven’t spoken to a doctor to discuss the problem, and that the leading reasons for this were not believing the condition was serious (32%) or embarrassment (30%).

In recognition of the above, we launched our myhairloss support programme, a free 21-week programme for anyone looking for additional support to help manage and control their hair loss and help bridge the gap between primary and second care for anyone suffering with this condition, which is available in GP surgeries, hairdressers and other platforms. 

Growing success

The event was so successful, we’re proud to announce that we will be supporting Get Ahead of Hair Loss 2019. This will feature the latest in hair loss and its treatments directly from leading UK experts in hair science, dermatology, trichology, hairdressing, cosmetic camouflage and psychology.

Click through to learn more about the myhairloss support programme.


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