talkhealth is one of the leading online health communities providing FREE information and support to those with chronic health conditions, whilst collaborating with pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, charities and medical professionals to develop sustainable health programmes and solutions.

talkhealth provides an opportunity for you to gain unrivalled access to patient behaviour, insights and feedback through our website’s forums, blogs, online clinics, trials, surveys and social media feeds.

This enables you to benefit from a vital feedback loop on brand, positioning, usage, results and adherence in order to better connect you with your target patients and grow your market share.

After 18+ years, our reach extends to include patients, carers, clinicians, pharmacists and charities to give you the widest exposure and the broadest spectrum of data.

Our market research channels, plus disease awareness and health education campaigns provide independent, credible data from respondents across a wide diversity of health conditions.

Our interactive healthcare platform:


In the competitive healthcare market, there are many reasons for engaging with patients directly

Government Directive
Promote your product or service
Increase brand awareness
Insights into patient journey and experience
Understand brand & product loyalty
Influence design, re-design or refinement of service delivery
Opportunity to see condition/drug from different perspective
Aids medicine adherence
Sustain and increase market share
Improve and enhance ROI
Design value added programmes

…talkhealth closes the Pharma–Patient loop

What better way to understand patient choices, behaviour and experiences, than to ask them directly for their feedback and personal stories?

As a healthcare company, this can be difficult data to obtain. talkhealth uniquely bridges the gap, providing valuable data via our impartial platform in line with the Market Research Guidelines.

Online Clinics

Online Clinics

Forums & Blogs

Forums & Blogs

Trials, Surveys & Patient Trackers

Trials, Surveys & Patient Trackers

Patient Support Programmes

Patient Support Programmes

Social Media

Social Media

  1. Department of Health and the NHS Institute commissioned King’s College London and The King’s Fund to undertake research into: What Matters To Patients? Developing the Evidence Base for Measuring and Improving Patient Experience.
  2. OTC & Consumer Health

our community

talkhealth engages with patients across a broad spectrum of health conditions

We are one of the largest independent patient membership communities in the UK, actively engaging with patients via our blogs, forums, clinics, surveys and social media channels.

Our platform bridges the gap between patients and the healthcare industry, offering opportunities for targeted product promotion, rigorous market research, and educational campaigns.

womens health and other health hubs


condition-specific hubs
condition-specific blogs
participating medical experts

leverage the power of the talkhealth community


With 18+ years’ experience engaging directly with patients in the digital space, we can advise on the best strategy to deliver your outcomes.

talkhealth‘s digital platform, network and digital marketing expertise make us the ideal partner in your ongoing R&D and product refinement.

here’s how we do it…

market research

Focus groups
One-to-one interviews
Observation via forums, blogs & social media
Online polls
Product evaluation
Recruitment for clinic studies


Targeted advert placement
Forum sponsorship
Blog sponsorship
Targeted email campaigns
Social media campaigns


Disease awareness programmes
Health education campaigns
Online Clinic sponsorship
Brand alignment with leading charities

our programmes and solutions

  • Advertorial
  • Disease awareness
  • Educational
  • Branding
  • Sponsorship
  • Sales platform
  • Product reviews
  • Patient insights
  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Patient Tracker Programmes

[OTC, Consumer Health, POM]

  • Enhanced programmes
  • Adherence programmes
  • Value-add programmes
  • Market share strategies

Our solutions have achieved great results with a number of leading brands and charities – see a selection of case study snippets below, and please contact us for more detailed information.

Let’s talk!

Call our team on +44 (0) 1256 962250, email us at, or complete this enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

talkhealth digital

talkhealth has 18 years’ experience engaging directly with patients in the digital space with proven benefits and outcomes for pharmaceutical companies and patients. We are independent, credible and trusted.

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