Bridging The Gap Between Pharma, HCPs And Patients

Bridging the gap between pharma, HCPs and patients

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) don’t have time to see pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. In fact, doctors and surgeons are so overworked these days, they barely have time to grab a sandwich, let alone a lunch meeting. 

So how do you get through to them? 

HCPs are crying out for easy, accessible education about products and innovations themselves, as well as trusted, evidence-based information that they can safely pass onto their patients. 

talkhealth can provide that information. The kind of user-friendly information as seen dished out to pharmacists, for example, is far too basic for patients (let alone HCP’s), but neither party wants to be presented with a medical manual that no one has the time or inclination to read.

We can help to educate HCPs – and more crucially – give them information that they can then pass directly to patients. 

Mind the gap

The healthcare industry relies on two things: health care professionals and pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Who better to instruct HCPs and patients on how to fit the newest stoma bag, for example, or how to take medication than the people who made them?

There’s a real gap when it comes to information, between these companies, the medical community and subsequently the patient. And that’s where talkhealth comes in. 

Our platforms and solutions allow companies, HCPs and patients to engage in a proper conversation. Our bank of thousands of patients can provide vital data on a host of chronic conditions. That information can enable pharma companies to better personalise the help they can offer all their customers – in both medical and patient communities.

Empowering patients and reducing the pressure on HCPs

At talkhealth, we create patient-led support programmes to empower people in managing their conditions. We ask our communities about their experiences of receiving help and support from HCPs, whether they’re prescribed medication and how that is or isn’t helping.

We then develop programmes in conjunction with charities and non-profit organisations to ensure that our communities are receiving unbiased, accurate information.

Not only are we offering real support for often isolating issues, but we are also taking pressure off the outpatient / primary care system. Our communities can talk to each other and within the support programmes, are able to find answers or advice for which they’d otherwise ask their GPs or clinics. 

Rebuilding relationships

As increasing numbers of patients and HCPs turn to the internet for information, pharma companies run the risk of missing out on that personal and direct connection with their audiences. We offer digital platforms from which to rebuild or enhance those relationships by emphasising education over profit. 

talkhealth is already playing a vital role in providing a safe space for data and expertise-led information, we have one of the largest health communities in the UK, with thousands currently on our support programmes with hundreds joining week by week.

Our support programmes are promoted in around 800 GP surgeries as HCPs are keen to be able to actively offer health information that they can trust.

Work with us and together, we can bridge the gap.

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