Talkhealth’s September Skin Takeover

talkhealth’s September Skin Takeover

September is skin month! Over the course of next month, the talkhealth platform is set to become a virtual skincare encyclopedia…

The 4-week skin takeover will see medical experts, patients and brands gather on the talkhealth platform to share their best skin insights. In collaboration with the British Skin Foundation and Childs Farm, our weekly webinars, coffee mornings, articles and forums will cover all things skin. From looking after children’s skin to protecting skin below the waistline, the talkhealth platform will be covering the corners of skincare that are often missed in the doctor’s office. 

September skin takeover

Every week throughout September our members will have the chance to ‘zoom in’ to a skin-related webinar, post in an online skin clinic and enter an exclusive Childs Farm giveaway. This means TH+ members will not only be learning about their skin, but they’ll also have the chance to try out new products and engage the wider talkhealth community.

The talkhealth team have designed this monthly campaign to ensure that both our members and our clients have a lucrative experience. Our collaborators are increasing their exposure through education and awareness-building which, in turn, provides a platform that is jam-packed full of advice for those affected by various skin conditions.

By implementing fresh design decisions coupled with the tried-and-tested talkhealth editorial tone and style, we have created a digital experience that is both comforting and exciting for our members. This has been made possible via close collaboration with our partners from ideation to the final content calendar.

Are you the brains behind a trailblazing brand working to highlight women’s health? Would your customers benefit from a month of mental health content on takhealth? Does your product fit perfectly into a monthly MS campaign? We are constantly on the lookout for partnering brands that want to work with us on exciting projects just like this one.

If you are interested in working with us on a weekly or monthly campaign please email Sophie Bullard!

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