Boost Your Market Insights With Talkhealth Members’ Surveys!

Boost your market insights with talkhealth members’ surveys!

From our coffee mornings to our product review panel, the team at talkhealth are always working hard to help our clients engage with a new and evolving healthcare audience. One of the great ways that you can both engage with our members and learn more about them is via our own talkhealth member’s surveys.

Every 4 to 8 weeks, we create and conduct a short survey about a specific health topic or concern. From men’s health to diversity within healthcare, the surveys cultivate insightful, timely and actionable market and business intelligence about patient expectations, healthcare experiences and perceived support gaps within global healthcare systems.

If you have ever wondered exactly what criteria makes customers choose to buy certain products, or need to know more about healthcare needs now, why not collaborate with us to find out more about your audience?

Here’s how the surveys work:

Specialised and Audience-aware: We know what makes our members tick! We working closely with our clients to make sure that the survey you are sponsoring not only suits your needs but will also engage our audience. This means you’ll gain active responses and evidence from a broad demographic.
Promotion and Redirection: Every survey on our platform is included in multiple monthly newsletter send-outs to 50-70,000 members. They’re also promoted via our social media channels and results remain on our site for 12 months. All of this content will include redirection to a URL of your choice when the participant completes the survey.
Data and Reports: All raw anonymised data is shared with sponsors for your use. You can choose to work with us on end-of-survey reports, infographics and press releases.
Timely and Efficient: All of our surveys relate to of-the-moment healthcare topics. This means that the evidence you collect can be applied efficiently to create a more audience and market aware product.
Key Questions: Whilst our members’ surveys are usually made up of 10-15 questions, when you sponsor a members survey, we’ll ask for your input on the key questions you’d like to ask our audience.

By investing from £5000+vat on sponsoring a survey, you benefit from:

8-week promotion of your survey on our trials and surveys page
​Brand and product exposure in 4 x newsletters and social media during the 8 week period
Opportunity to educate a targeted audience with product information
Offer an exclusive voucher code to participants
Marketing insights
Business intelligence
Direct traffic to a website of your choice
Top-level research reports
Press releases

Surveys in action: Men’s Health Report 2021

We recently conducted a survey to gain insights into the support gaps present in men’s health. The results highlight the disparity between the healthcare services available to men and the reasons why they do not, or cannot, access them. Although 86% of respondents find it easy to access healthcare information directly targeted towards men, half of them (50%) are unlikely to book an appointment with a healthcare professional to seek guidance.

The talkhealth team worked hard to ensure that these valuable insights could be accessed across the healthcare sectors by updating our members, sharing results via social channels and creating an industry-ready press release, all things that you would benefit from if you choose to work with us!

If you would like to find out more about sponsoring a survey, get in touch with Sophie Bullard to find out which members surveys are available for sponsorship.

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