Talkhealth Launches New MS Support Programme And Hub

talkhealth launches new MS support programme and hub

Last month, we launched a new multiple sclerosis hub and support programme – myMS

More than 130,000 people in the UK live with multiple sclerosis. Despite that number however, the road to accurate diagnosis can be difficult. Some GPs lack the clinical expertise to spot the signs of MS so it can often be complex and tedious to get the required help.

In fact, research conducted by talkhealth within the MS community has found that less than 30% of people with relapsing regressive MS (RRMS) – the most common form of the condition – believe the NHS is easy to navigate. The system can be overwhelming and delayed referrals and limited follow-up care are a reality. 

Many people are diagnosed with RRMS early on in their lives. That diagnosis can have a massive impact on so much – mental health, career progression, family creation, general life satisfaction. 

But MS doesn’t have to stop people from living fulfilling lives. Our support programme has been designed to support people through every part of their journey, from building their MS team to working out how their diet can best support effective fatigue management. 

The programme – supported by Novartis Pharmaceuticals – runs for 13 weeks, and each week, members will receive two PDFs containing easy-to-digest, practical information written in partnership with the country’s leading neurologists, MS HCPs and charities. 

Our new MS hub is a place for people living with the condition to find advice, community and news outside of the programme. We know that living with a chronic condition can be lonely, and these hubs often provide a safe space for people to talk and learn about their health in-between medical appointments and support groups. 

Check out the myMS support programme here. If you would like to sponsor any up-coming support programmes, please let us know.

You can find the list of programmes in the offing here (those which have the option to ‘Register now’, as opposed to ‘Join now’).

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