Talkhealth Is Now PIF TICK Accredited

talkhealth is now PIF TICK accredited

We’re delighted to announce that talkhealth is now PIF TICK accredited. 

PIF is the Patient Information Forum, the independent UK membership body for companies working in health information and support. Being certified under the scheme demonstrates our commitment to the provision of high-quality health information. 

The PIF quality mark is a new standard and to qualify, health information organisations have to meet ten key criteria. These were developed by PIF’s 1000-strong membership which represents over 300 cross-sector health organisations. talkhealth joined a small group of major health brands and charities to test the PIF criteria, alongside other companies including Bupa, Cancer Research UK and The Royal College of Anaesthetists. 

We had to prove:

  • That all of our health information is consistent and systematic
  • Our staff receive ongoing training and support
  • Our resources are produced to meet a genuine need
  • All evidence is relevant, up-to-date and from reputable sources
  • Our members are involved in the development of information resources
  • Everything is written in appropriate language and tone for our audience
  • Resources are easy to access and navigate
  • Our members can easily give us feedback
  • We promote our services properly
  • We know and measure the impact that our resources have on our community

All this is really important because we pride ourselves on being a reliable source of health information for the general public. 

Research by PIF found that over 80% of the public would look for a quality mark on health information. Much of our content already has the Information Standard NHS England quality mark, which again means that all the information produced has been certified as being clear, accurate, impartial, evidence-based and current. 

Everything we do goes through a rigorous reviewing process. After something has been written, it’s then peer-reviewed. After that, we send it out to one of our members to read and after that, it’s submitted for final approval. That lengthy process ensures that by the time you receive a support programme PDF or patient story, it’s of the highest calibre. 

We’re constantly working to bring you the latest, clearest and most useful health advice and we’re over the moon that our efforts have once again been recognised.

You can read more about the PIF scheme here.

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