Talkhealth In Collaboration With The Health Foundry

talkhealth in collaboration with the Health Foundry

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the healthcare industry, talkhealth has been looking for ways to support businesses and HCPs facing new challenges.

Most recently, we’ve teamed up with the Health Foundry – a collaborative, community-driven co-working space responsible for over 190 health tech companies. You can see some of the companies here including some well-known names! From this month, it’ll be providing all of its members with a subscription to a tailored version of our mywellbeing patient support programme.

Set up by the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity, the Health Foundry supports start-ups working to improve health and well-being – so who better to collaborate with to roll out a well-being programme? After all, it’s not just patients who could benefit from working on their overall mental and physical health; sometimes those dedicated to improving the lives of others also need a little re-boot. 

All of our patient support programmes continue to perform well, but mywellbeing is especially relevant for business and corporations at the moment. We’re living and working through unprecedented times; many of us are physically isolated and that can take a toll on our mental health, sleep and overall maintenance patterns. Employees who rely on routine now find themselves rolling from bed to shower to sofa with nothing but a kettle and the odd Zoom call to break up the monotony. If we want to preserve productivity, we have to really look at how we’re supporting workers through this crisis.

Our well-being programme provides the structure and self-care that is so desperately needed today. The fact that healthcare and well-being experts like the Health Foundry recognise the role talkhealth can play during this crisis, really speaks volumes. 

All of the talkhealth support programmes are available for corporations and businesses, and a tailored version of well-being programme is currently available for staff in corporations, councils, schools and football clubs up and down the country. 

We’re always keen to collaborate with businesses looking to improve their employees’ well-being so if you’d like to hear more about mywellbeing and the other services that we offer, then we’d be happy to help.  Alternatively, all our programmes offer sponsorship opportunities either on an individual topic basis or as a whole programme, so if you’d like to get your own product, service or brand in front of a wide range of potential customers do contact us at: 

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