Support Programmes Within GP Surgeries

Support Programmes within GP Surgeries

talkhealth‘s latest campaign sees the recruitment of a team to help target 13,500 GP surgeries to make them aware of our support programmes and offer their patients FREE access to all our programmes. 

We have started reaching out to GPs to offer posters and leaflets featuring key information about our support programmes displayed in the waiting areas and on practice screens, and a brochure pack that sits directly on GPs’ desks. 

We look forward to updating you on the progress of this campaign over the coming months…

Meanwhile, if you would like more information about how we work directly with the medical profession and how we can also help you get closer to this community feel free to contact us at


Our talkhealth mywellbeing support programme is live!

Engaging and growing a patient community through communications

Our talkhealth mypsoriasis support programme is now live!

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