Our New Members’ Website Is Live!

Our new members’ website is live!

talkhealth is delighted to announce that our brand new members’ website is now up and running. While our members will still have access to all the features they know and love, the new site is a smarter model which should make things easier to navigate, be more attractive to read and generally offer a better user experience. 

Our aim has always been to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly health platform on which to find support and information. When you’re living with a chronic condition, the last thing you want is to trawl through a convoluted website for answers. 

talkhealth 2.0 is designed to make finding information on conditions as easy as possible, which is why our hubs form the bulk of the homepage. Click into any of them – acne or weight, for example – and you’ll be offered a menu that includes relevant support programmes, expert clinics, samples, articles and community pages. Not only does this make it easier for members to find answers, but it’s also better for getting consumer products to the right patients. People are now offered articles, samples, products and trials for their condition within one click of entering the site. We believe that this is going to prove to be a fruitful way of connecting patients and healthcare companies without the need for aggressive marketing. 

Each hub also has a directory, through which people can search for companies, products and treatments suitable for people living with that specific condition or issue. If you aren’t already listed and would like to be, please contact us. 

Please do have a look at our new website and get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions. Email us at info@talkhealthpartnership.com.

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