Learn About Your Target Audience With Our Monthly Surveys

Learn about your target audience with our monthly surveys

At talkhealth, we’re always keen to hear from our members about their health concerns. By regularly checking in, we’re able to tailor our services appropriately. 

One of the main ways in which we’re able to gather information is via our monthly surveys, in which we ask for feedback on a range of topics. This enables us to improve our offerings and work out the areas in which people feel they need more support. 

Recent examples include a diversity survey looking into how patients believe their ethnicity has impacted on their experiences of healthcare in this country and a study on menopause. Both offered useful insights into how our members receive medical care and the specific healthcare issues they face, as well as providing a useful data set for related healthcare companies. 

Why we survey

talkhealth is nothing without our members. We’re a patient-centric platform that’s committed to improving the lives and healthcare experiences of the public. As such, we strive to stay up-to-date in understanding our community’s needs. 

Our monthly surveys allow us to closely analyse the issues that our members face in regards to their specific health conditions or concerns. We ask them about physical and mental health factors, NHS and social care experiences, products and services, and many more. 

We’re always looking to find the support gaps that people experience on a daily basis. By identifying those, we can make sure that we’re providing that support or signposting to where that support may exist. Often, brilliant services are out there but they’re not that easy to find or navigate. That’s where we play such a vital role; we’re like the information shuttle bus between patients, services and healthcare companies. 

Once a survey is over, we then interpret our findings and present them to healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. We can help them to be more patient-centric (which isn’t that easy when you don’t work directly with the public on a daily basis), as well as future strategies. 

Our latest deep dive – dry skin

Last month, we surveyed 2,000 members to ask about their dry skin experiences and to ascertain what kinds of issues they were dealing with. The findings confirmed the fact that so many patients are struggling to receive adequate help and relief for incredibly common ailments. Up to 15 million people in the UK are thought to live with eczema and another 2% with psoriasis – and that’s before you consider how many have low key, chronic problems like dermatitis and pruritus. 

Highlights of the dry skin survey:

  • 81% said that their main skin concern was dry skin, followed by itchy skin (51%) and sensitive skin (46%)
  • Over half said that they didn’t know what triggered off their skin flare-ups
  • 61% described their skin as being ‘quite’ or ‘very itchy’
  • 88% applied a moisturiser to quell the itch, with E45 (50%) and Aveeno (44%) being the most popular emollients
  • Only 32% have tried changing their emollient to improve their skin

To receive the summary of the Dry Skin Report 2020 once published in August 2020, please click here

If you’re interested in commissioning a survey or want to find out more about the research services that we offer, please do get in touch at: sophie.bullard@talkhealthpartnership.com

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