In This Month’s Medical Newsletter…

In this month’s Medical Newsletter…

Recently, we sent out our monthly talkhealthmedical newsletter in which we revealed our latest expert online clinics, support programmes and downloadable materials for clinics and surgeries, which is delivered to a mix of CCGs, GP surgeries and medical experts. 

Just about everyone working in the healthcare industry is short on time and in need of trustworthy and digestible information.  At talkhealth, we know that HCPs need to find an effective way of communicating with patients which builds trust and confidence in self-managing conditions. 

That’s why our newsletters are such a great platform for promoting your message, products and services.

We have spaces available every month where healthcare-related companies can communicate directly to our medical community in the most time-efficient and accessible way possible. Contact us

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Support programmes

talkhealth is famed for our comprehensive patient support programmes, and earlier this year, we launched the latest in the series – mymenopause.

These programmes have contributed to a 33% decrease in GP appointments. They’re now available in 800 surgeries and 18 NHS trusts, with a massive reach of 6.7 million patients and caregivers. 

All our support programmes are open to sponsorship, so if you’d like to hear about what programmes are available, and what they can do to enhance your business contact us.

Online expert clinics

We also announced the expert clinics that we have coming up in March and April (some still open for sponsorship) which include:

  • Gynaecology (2-13 March)
  • BSF – elderly/older skin (9-12 March)
  • The Sleep Council – perfect sleep environment (9-12 March)
  • BSF – mental health and skin issues (6-9 April)
  • Bowel and IBS issues (13-14 April)
  • Menopause (20-23 April)

Downloadable resources

A large part of what we do involves adding to our ever-growing library of easy-to-follow articles. Whether it’s bringing our members the latest research into what to eat for better gut health or sharing expert advice on how to sleep better, our bank of content is perfect for sharing on a range of platforms.

If you would like to sponsor any of our online content (which is also shared across GP surgery screens, websites and social media platforms), do let us know.

To get involved and to stay abreast of all our latest news and downloadable content, subscribe to our talkhealthdigital newsletter today. 

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