Read Our Feature In The Healthy Life Guide

Read our feature in the Healthy Life Guide

From new partnerships to innovative features, 2021 was a great year for talkhealth thanks to our digital partners. To top it off we were also featured in the November issue of Healthy Life Guide! 

Menopause has always been a vital topic at talkhealth. Over the years, we have worked to help women identify, manage and overcome the symptoms of the change. Debunking myths and ensuring women are well equipped with the best advice is a key part of this. 

That’s why, when we heard about our feature in the Healthy Life Guide last month, we couldn’t wait to share the news with you. This is a perfect example of how talkhealth content can be repurposed to work in a commercial and editorial environment.

Named ‘Hot and Bothered’, the talkhealth feature spotlights the debilitating effects of menopause whilst also presenting staggering statistics about female experiences and care. The article, which is written way that makes the topic widely accessible, traverses the entire menopause journey from symptoms to treatments. 

Backed by statistics that we collected in our January 2020 Menopause survey, the inclusion directly addresses the topics that are most important to our members. In doing so, it provides a relatable touchpoint for women who are hindered by menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, mental health issues, vaginal dryness and lack of sleep. 

The feature delivers the statistics in a digestible way and provides a great case for the significance of talkhealth statistics. By relating the survey results to tangible and anecdotal experiences, the article engages our audience – and new readers – with their health.

The article gives some much-needed air time to the struggles that women face when accessing care for menopausal symptoms. By highlighting the wide-felt anxiety to confide with male doctors, lack of referrals for specialised care and issues with HRT, the feature brings some of the issues that women face every day to the fore. 

You can read the inclusion here.

We have loads of features designed to support women experiencing menopause…

Mymenopause support programme

Our 12-week mymenopause support programme is designed for anyone going through the menopause – whether you’ve just started or have been living with symptoms for a while. It’s also great for anyone caring for someone going through The Change. Our support programmes are a great way for you to reach dedicated health audiences. Previous support programme partners have benefitted from survey findings, increased product engagement via giveaways and anecdotal product reviews. Find out more about the programme.


Hormonal migraines & perimenopause with Dr Mandy Leonardt 

In this exclusive webinar, Mandy Leonhardt, a GP who specialises in women’s health, unpicks hormonal migraines from puberty and beyond. Throughout our chat, Mandy explains why fluctuating hormones cause migraines, the importance of staying in touch with your symptoms and recommends strategies to put in place to relieve hormone-induced migraines. 

How important is your pelvic floor with Miss Georgina Fraser 

Many people believe that they only need to pay attention to their pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy and the menopause. However, neglecting these muscles can lead to not only bladder and bowel incontinence but even pelvic organ prolapses. We took it into our own hands to ask women’s health expert Miss. Georgina Fraser: how important is the pelvic floor?

Watch the webinars to find out more about how talkhealth live events provide important and accessible insights into various areas of healthcare. We are always on the lookout for webinar partners who want to take health education to the next level!


Head over to our articles page to find out how we work with our partners on educational, digestible, highly-trusted written content. From Q&As to top tips, our library spans a multitude of health conditions and provides the perfect place for you to reach an audience organically.

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