Expanding Your Audience With Twitter Chats

Expanding your audience with Twitter Chats

Social media is now seen as an essential tool for businesses to listen to and understand the needs of an audience; plus offers the opportunity to engage both one-to-one and as community or cohort as a whole, with both existing customers and potential new prospects.

At talkhealth we actively use social media as a core tool for monitoring engagement and building influence, and place social media activity as one of our key cornerstones. We continue to build an active online community across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms, communicating directly with your audience on a daily basis.

World Psoriasis Day

During the past year, we have hosted successful Twitter Chats on a broad range of health topics which has resulted in a measurable increase in our community and overall influence in specific health conditions. These chats have played a key part in helping us connect with new community members, and has introduced us to exciting new partnerships and opportunities.

What is a Twitter Chat & how can it help reach new audiences?

A Twitter Chat involves a group of Twitter users meeting up on the platform at a specific time to discuss a certain topic, using a designated hashtag to contribute to the conversation.

This involves a host (in this case, talkhealth) moderating and posting a number of questions within the hour, prompting responses from participants and encouraging interaction among those involved.

After experimenting with a range of techniques, we have discovered that choosing to focus on a specific health topic and/or awareness day helps expand reach even further but the success of the chat is determined before it has even taken place!

Prior to each chat, we reach out to a wide range of stakeholders, such as medical experts, influencers, charitable organisations and more, via Twitter, Instagram and promotion within our newsletters.

We offer participants social media graphics to help promote the chat across their own social media to extend the reach further.

Each chat provides an invaluable chance to network and find audiences with a shared interest. Through hosting our chats, we have discovered both individuals and organisations who we have since nurtured relationships, many of whom we never would have discovered if it wasn’t through the networking opportunities that Twitter provides.

Recent Case Studies

Self Care Week Twitter Chat

During Self Care Week (18-24 November 2019) we hosted a live Self Care Twitter Chat, where individuals and organisations were invited to discuss self care routines, mental health issues and more.

So far, we’ve reached 120,400 views and 205.2k impressions on Twitter, using our dedicated #talkselfcare (as of 22/11/2019)

View the highlights here

Menopause Awareness Day Twitter Chat

To mark World Menopause Day, Friday 18 October 2019, we hosted a Menopause Twitter Chat on our @talkhealth Twitter Page, asking a number of questions to our audiences about how menopause has affected their lives.

The chat received a reach of 83,103 views and 127.2k impressions overall (as of 21/10/2019) and included 54 contributors from a range of individuals, charities, influencers, healthcare professionals and menopausal organisations.

View the highlights here

If you’re interested to explore further how Twitter can be used to promote your brand/product/service, please get in touch.


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World Psoriasis Day Twitter Chat

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